Thursday, March 19, 2009

Okay, so its been a literal month since I posted last (Bear in mind I actually wrote this on March 19th and am just now posting it). And I figure I can't keep asking Steve to put up a new post without doing so myself.... So for now, I'll tell you (Mom? Who reads this anyway?!) a little about what's going on in our lives right now.
Currently, I am subbing at Kent High School (literally, I'm in class, students are watching "Gladiator" so I'm blogging. Sweet day!) and coaching lacrosse. Subbing isn't too bad, I just wish there was an easier system for getting jobs. That's the most frustrating part! Otherwise, its kind of fun. So far I really haven't had a super tough day. I had one day of teaching Integrated Math in which the last period of the day had some really frustrating personalities in it. Kids were fighting, throwing stuff out the window...etc. So that was an interesting end to a day. One of the best parts of subbing (When I'm at the high school) is getting to see lacrosse girls all day long. I've never gone a full day without having at least one of them in class, plus I get to see them through the hallways. Honestly, I think seeing lax girls all day is what makes subbing worth it half the time.
After subbing (or babysitting, whatever the case may be) I get to go play and coach lacrosse for 2 hours with the girls. This is my 5th year coaching, my 12th year straight with the sport (7 playing), and I'm not sure what I'll do the first season I don't have lacrosse! This years group of seniors is the closet any class has been since I've been coaching. They (as far as we know) don't have any drama between them, which makes for great spirit among the team. They are truthfully a joy to be around, and are high up on the list of the favorite parts of my day. The team as a whole is great, I can't say there are any girls we are worried about as far as attitudes go. i LOVE lacrosse! **The picture above is our Varsity Team from last year**
Outside of lax, subbing and babysitting here and there, I really am trying to get a job! I've had 7 interviews in the last week and a half, one of which was a second interview for a school. I can tell you I have the most excitement for Canton, Nordonia, National Heritage Academies, and Grove School (interview upcoming). Canton would be elementary, Nordonia currently is high school, may become a 5th/6th position, and National Heritage would be k-8. At the end of this month, Steve and I have an interview with Grove School in Madison, Connecticut ( Did you catch that? Steve AND I have interviews!!! The director of the school found my resume on a teaching website and contacted me about the position. 1/3 of the job is Teaching, another 1/3 is developing and running activities for the students, and the last 1/3 is dorm supervision and informal counseling. Oh... its a private boarding school, and the position is LIVE-IN!!! Free room-and-board! WOOT! So when they found out I was married, the director was even more excited. He asked if Steve had interest in working with high school students, so I told him about how we used to lead Young Life together. He has heard of YL, he has heard of Steve's want to work with HS students again, and he wants to interview him too! Steve will be interviewing for everything but teaching. So who knows what's going to happen.... I take that back, God knows! The rest of us don't, and that's okay. Thanks to the interview we get a mini vacation. They're putting us up for a night in Connecticut (Thursday) we'll spend most of the day at the school Friday, and then we're heading to NYC for a night/day and spending it with my cousin and his wife who live in Manhattan. I'm pumped!!! I think Steve may be too :)
Well, the bell is about to ring, which means I should get my stuff packed up. I have to head to the middle school now for the last 2 periods before coming back to the high school for lacrosse. i"ll post a more exciting post sometime in the future about something. Maybe about the beautiful, ridiculous apartment complex we live in lol... more to come.


(Addendum... 2 days ago I was offered a job at Canton City Schools! WOOT! Waiting until after the Connecticut interview to accept or deny.)