Monday, January 26, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'll admit...

I kind of stink at blogging! Even the pink post-it on the corner of my computer which initially held so much promise has failed to keep me motivated to blog. So... Truth is, right now is hard. Everything is in transition in my life and our lives. Every decision seemingly rides on another one. And every time we have another small argument I look for our break around the corner. Steve is much better at trusting God and living in the moment than I am. I can live in the moment once I know the next moment is planned! Okay, not really the same thing...
However! (because anytime there is a frustrating point there much be a however) we have certainly gotten much better at voicing concerns and bringing up stepped on toes in a manner that suits the other person. And right now, seeing God do that in us, has to be and is more than enough.

Random thought for the day... Make sure you remember to be thankful for simple things that make you happy. For instance a few of mine would be: -Film and digital cameras
-Chocolate Milk
-"right now" by Akon' awesome beat
-Laughing all the way to and from Toledo with Stace
-Steve's ability to grow and rock an awesome beard
-God's enormity (this ones not so simple, but it fits)
-oh, and getting married to Steve in 15 days.