Friday, December 19, 2008

A Graduate of...

I am a graduate of Kent State University. I hold a degree in Art Education set off by minors in Education and Studio Art. I will have my teaching license in Visual Arts grades K-12. I can sub in any of those grades, any subject and officially be paid for it. I have 5 years to begin my masters, and 5 years after that to complete my masters. I will be applying for jobs around here, around Columbus, around the Carolinas and who knows where else while also applying for Grad School at Kent State because two Teacher's Assistant positions will be opening up. Steve and I will be getting married January 24th in the Church of Aurora in the company of family and friends. 6 women will stand beside me, and 6 men will stand beside Steve. These are things I know...

Things I don't know...
Where will we live? How will we land financially? Will we still have some of the silly fights we have currently? How often will I sub each week? Where will Steve be working? Where will we end up next summer? Will we stay here, move to Columbus, move to North Carolina...?

Well... I am trying to learn that I could not handle knowing all the answers to all of these questions. If I knew all the answers, I would be stressed out of my mind trying to make sure everything happened correctly. Not to mention, I would probably stress Steve out to no end if I was planning all the answers to all the above questions! There are so many areas in my life where I need wisdom... Wisdom to know when to lay off planning, and wisdom to know when to make certain choices. Wisdom to know when to support a decision Steve has made for us without adding in my 2 cents, and wisdom to know how to speak up in situations where I may have a good solution. Wisdom to know how much to give where, and wisdom to know when I need to let go of my pride and enjoy the blessings around me. I want to be a graduate who is full of wisdom for life, not simply full of art history knowledge and how to paint. I want to be a graduate who knows when to step up and when to step back, not simply when to lecture a lesson, and when to give students time to work. I want to be a graduate who doesn't have all of the anwers yet and basks in the blessing... If that makes any sense at all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's happening?
As I start this blog I am coming to the end of a day filled with hope. I know... cheesy right? But truth be told, JESUS ROCKS!
Curious? Its been a dreary, crappy, rainy day, I'm still dealing with the impacts of my knee surgery and truth be told I'm exhausted. The hope starts after Physical Therapy. I headed to the Taterhouse to hang out with Steve and call AAA for his poor car who's tire exploded and and starter died two days apart from each other last week. So its been sitting dead since Saturday and we've been sharing a car while living at two different houses. Its been difficult. While eating dinner with the Tate's, the tow truck showed up and Steve went out to meet him.... 10 minutes and one large battery charger later, THE CAR STARTS!!! Tow truck man - Greg - said it needed a new battery immediately. So we had planned for a solid $3-400 for a new starter, and after heading to Autozone for 10 minutes, a new battery and installation was only $82!!!! I mean come on, how do you not get excited by that happening.
Then... thanks to our wonderful friends at the Pie Hole, Josh found out about a Part-time opening for Steve to interview for. Steve sent his resume over and was planning to go have lunch at the office to try and get his foot in the door. Now thanks to a wonderful phone call today, he is interviewing for a FULL-TIME job on Friday morning!!!!
A fixed car for 1/3 than expected, and an interview for a full-time job in one day?! God really does want us to get married :)

What am I learning?
Today I'm learning that it is when we are down and out that God chooses to work in us the best. Yes, I have learned this many times before, but God never fails to remind me of this fact. And never fails to put me in a place where I am uncomfortable. Its weird, between Steve and I, I'm always the one who has to know whats going on and what is coming next. Steve is much better at going with the flow and letting God work. And I'm really good at taking control, especially when I don't need to.... :) And at this point in time, Steve has an interview lined up, has new parts in his car, and has a better handle on things to come! I'm graduating in 2 days with my Bachelors in Art Education, I don't have a job, and I'm going to try to sub which is not really a set-in-stone plan. So my world will be turned upside down in two days, I won't be a college student anymore, I won't have a job, and we don't know where we're living after we get married! But I know a few things.... I am getting married to Steve whom I love, I know that we are absolutely blessed by the friends who let us live with them, I know that his car getting fixed and the interview are a huge blessing, and I know that we have parents, family, and friends who have undoubtedly supported us through our entire relationship. And I know we have a God who loves and provides for us. And right now... that is more than enough.