Monday, June 29, 2009


Dear Blogger-
Its not that I've abandoned you. Its just that my summer job doesn't permit me to be on the computer all the time like subbing did. I promise I'll come back to you soon, once I get time to breathe. I've got a couple ideas for you, I really do! Honestly, I'm surprised Stacy hasn't started harassing me about the fact that I haven't posted anything for a while. Oh - but I will post a few cute pictures of Zig-Face, because I was lucky enough to take a lot of pictures of him and his cute family in his first few days in our world. And he rocks - so here you go. Meet Ziggie Thomas Pietrocini!
Love you blogger... I'll write something more meaningful soon!

Cute cute cute kid!

Hey Movie Star picture...

Look how tiny he is!!

Three men and a baby.

Zig's reaction "WHOA, there's a lot going on right now"

Oh come on, we're cute together.

Hannah is super proud of her little baby brother!

Typical... glad I caught this moment :)


Monday, June 1, 2009

Engage in Engagement...

Got to do one of my favorite things on Sunday and take Engagement photos of our cute friends Cristy and Erik. We hiked through the Ledges park in Hudson where they have spent a lot of time throughout their relationship, and got engaged there! Its so fun to take pictures of friends, and was awesome to see the places that mean so much to them and have stories attached. Also... the second place we went was Tannery Park under the bridge in Kent where, ironically, Steve and I got engaged!!! Anywho... enjoy :)

Re-enacting the proposal at the proposal spot! Thankfully this time Erik didn't slam his knee on a rock on his way down!

At Tannery Park, one of Steve and I's absolute favorite places in Kent. I loooove this bridge, and loved photographing the two of them with it.

Under the bridge - notice the bling!

Dancing and dipping in the field at the Ledges.

One of my favorites on the Overlook at the Ledges... seriously this place is really in Ohio!

First attempt at Preggers pics

Soo... my wonderful, fantastic friend Stacy has given me chances to hang out in Art Wonderland a lot lately. I've been LOVING it :) First off, I got to re-paint a rocking chair for the nursery. No biggie, just sanded, primed and painted plain white, but still relaxing and fun. After that, she we did a plaster cast of her bust and belly and it was a blast! Stacy and I got a lot closer, haha, but after having lived with Stace and Josh not much surprises me anymore! And then last week... Stacy gave me a reason to make my first attempt at Pregnancy Pictures. I had no idea what to do being that I'd never done those before. But Stace found an awesome photographer with mom shots ( that were inspiring and gave me some ideas. Stacer is officially 40.5 weeks preggers and hoping baby continues to hang out until after an important job interview Wednesday! So below are some teasers of my first attempt at belly pics... enjoy :)

If you know how much Josh and Stacer love their pups... you'll know how fitting the next 3 pictures are!