Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its official. We live in Connecticut. We made the big move Thursday and are in the process of unpacking, emptying the moving truck and buying the essentials needed to make our apartment home. (Find New Haven on the southern side along the coast. We are 20 minutes east of New Haven).

Its still weird, I can't believe we live in Connecticut of all places. CT is a small state. There are only 7 counties, we are about 1hr inside of the state and would take us about an hour to go out the other way and land in Rhode Island. We live on the water in a beach town which is crazy. We are now east coasters, who could legitimately pop their collars and wear boat shoes. But we won't! (Well, I may buy some Sperry Top Siders, but I promise I won't pop my collar.)

In the winter when we were imagining where we might end up, Ohio and the Carolinas were on our radar. I guess we had the East Coast essentially right in thinking the Carolinas... just had our North/South mixed up.

So far, we are enjoying exploring our little state. We have conveniently found the Walmart, Target, Lowes, Ruby Tuesday, Wendys, CVS and Starbucks we'll need. As we've been surrounding ourselves in fixing up our apartment we haven't yet had time to venture into really finding the stores, restaurants and places to visit that are purely Connecticut. Also, Tropical Storm Danny decided to pull through right now so we've been doused in rain instead of sitting on the beach.

Here's a picture of us from when we came to interview in March. The beach is on the other side of the Sand Dunes... hopefully we'll be taking another picture like this soon but in swimsuits and cover-ups!

Our trip out here was uneventful in a way, but horrible at the same time. It was miserable. Steve was driving the Rental Truck and I drove our car. (Yes, we are a 1 car family now). It took way longer than it should have on account of all of the construction we ran into often. Without notice we would suddenly be in 1-lane traffic that didn't let up for a few miles. Not to mention the first few hours of our drive were very rainy, Steve was in a big truck he's unfamiliar with, and there were an unusual amount of semis on the road. All of those make for very stressful driving!

We got here late, about 9:30pm, but were so wonderfully greeted by Tiara - such an amazing, wonderful friend who decided to spend a few days with us here helping unpack and get set up. We would not have as much done right now if it weren't for her. So in a way, it doesn't feel that abnormal yet because T is here. Even when she leaves, my parents are coming next weekend which will be wonderful, and will again be comforting to have family here. After my parents leave, and school begins I think it all might finally set in.

I'll check back in then and let you know. We're in for a crazy, exciting, adventurous ride. Stay tuned!

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